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Where healing matters. Your lives matters.

At Psych Consultants, we care more than just about your phsyical well-being. We believe, peace of mind plays a vital role in uplifting your phsyical health. So, let us give you that.

Psychologist in Pakistan

If you’re struggling with emotional or behavioral issues, or have found yourself experiencing a sudden life transition you’re having difficulty adjusting to, our team of Best Psychologists in Lahore are fully equipped to help you find your way back optimum mental health.

A team of Psychologists at Psych Consultants dedicate themselves to your personal growth, helping you find the confidence to move forward. Our team of Psychologists are fully equipped to help you find your way back on track. Many are trained in multiple therapeutic models, so we can tailor a tailored approach that is best suited to your circumstances.

From the moment you walk in the door until the last time you leave, we’ll encourage you and provide you with the tools necessary for a happier lifestyle. Whether it be emotional or behavioral issues or some other change in life which is affecting your mental state, our approach is positive and goal-oriented.

What are the issues a psychologist can handle?

How can a psychologist help you? Our Clinical and Counselling Psychologists are able to help people overcome a range of mental health problems. Our psychologists can offer advice, guidance and support to nurture your emotional wellbeing and provide the necessary tools needed for individual growth. We have great success helping people overcome: the loss of loved ones (bereavement), break-ups, relationship issues, sleep disorders (insomnia), stress depression, social anxiety, past trauma, phobias, addictions, eating disorders, sexual issues and even aiding people on their personal development journey.

Therefore, if you are feeling unwell in any aspect of your mental health or require assistance to find the right path through a complicated situation, our Clinical and Counselling Psychologists in Lahore can help bring clarity to your life. If you tell us what’s going on in your life, we’ll help you understand why things are happening and take steps to address it.

What is the difference between a clinical and a counselling psychologist?

Clinical psychologists work with people suffering from psychological distress or dysfunction to help them find a way to feel happier and more fulfilled in their lives. Clinical psychologists typically provide psychotherapy and can use a variety of therapeutic modalities, depending on the needs of the client in question and the options available to them.

Meanwhile counseling psychologists help people to solve problems in their personal lives, by identifying and combating issues. They work closely with clients using a range of therapeutic techniques for various conditions. They can work in private practice or in one of many institutional settings, such as schools, hospitals and community centres. They often collaborate with other healthcare professionals to tailor their service specific to their client’s needs.