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Generally it is considered that bipolar affective disorder is a condition in which there is ongoing mood swings. On the contrary, bipolar affective disorder, has an episodic course of illness in which there may be an episodes of mania/hypo-mania and/ or episodes of depression.

Depressive Disorder

Depression can be a feeling which we all experience in our day to day life but if depression persist with or without any reason for more than specific period of time then it is called as depressive disorder.

How to Find Best Psychologist in Lahore | Psychconsultants

Therapists are clinical experts who are contained and related to sociologists and research. People with mental issues go to these experts for treatment. Like as, Psychologists and Therapists at psychconsultants are additionally extended into littler classifications with different strengths. Here are interesting points in finding the best psychologists in Lahore to support you. Adapting to […]

Sexual dysfunction & Treatment

Any difficulty in the sexual experience, arousal, pain, satisfaction that are not managed by different medical treatments can be due to psychological reasons and can be treated by mental health professionals. Major Causes of Sexual Dysfunction The causes of sexual dysfunctions in men can be categorized into two parts (1) Physical and (2) Psychological. Physical […]

Substance abuse or Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is an illness and Drug Addiction treatment is a solution of this illness. People can become addicted to the use of alcohol, cannabis, heroin, sleep medications, stimulant, and drug injections. Other substances of abuse some might get addicted to behaviors like gambling video gaming and internet / social media. Their lives revolve around […]

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

It’s a condition in which a person can have, Repetitive thoughts, Images or impulses. The repetitive thoughts can be about cleanliness, religion or sexual content.  The person tries to resist it but unable to do so. This can lead to compulsive behaviors of hand washing, checking rituals or any other repetitive behavior.

Anxiety disorders

The condition in which people feel, restlessness, Fearful, generalized pain in body, tremors, increased heart beat sweating, stomach issues, shoulder pains, unexplained headaches, increased heartbeat, This can be of few minutes episode or can be a continues symptoms all day .

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