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About Psych Consultants

We have a multidisciplinary team of Consultant Psychiatrists and Clinical Psychologists who provide high-quality care, ensure ethical values, confidentiality and practice evidence-based medicine. Also we have Neurologist, Physician, Dermatologist and Dieticiant in our panel to work in a collaborative manner and are able to provide comprehensive, integrated and holistic treatment to our patients. Now patients can get treatment under one roof where specialist will be in touch with each other for patient wellbeing.
Every client is different and treatment is suggested in a tailored manner. We aim to help our clients reach their full potential and to guide families on how they can play a positive role in it.
We have a medical record-keeping practice that ensures the safety and continuity of care to our patients.
Additionally our goal is to work on preventive psychiatry for which regular workshops are conducted at different levels and awareness campaign is run through social media.

We provide following facilities to our community

Working Hours

Sun - Mon

8AM - 7PM

Tues - Thu

8AM - 7PM

Fri - Sat

8AM - 2PM

The Clinic That You Can Trust

Vision Statement

Provide international quality care to patients and their families; to improve their quality of life in a comprehensive manner.

Our Values

Psych Consultants

Evidence Base Practice


Holistic Approach



Record Keeping​

Warmth & Passionate

Goal Directed

We Provide High Quality Services

We aim to provide holistic treatment to our patients.

Meet Our Consultants

We have a team of best psychiatrist, psychologist, neurologist, medical specialist, dermatologist and gynacologist to provide integrated Medical and Psychiatric help to our patients in comprehensive manner.

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