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We have a team of best psychiatrists and best psychologists in Lahore who are highly skilled, expert, ethical and reliable.

Consultant Psychiatrists

Dr. Nabeel Ibad, Dr. Junaid Rasool & Dr. Fatima Bukharie

Clinical Psychologists

Ms. Nasreen Akhtar, Ms. Ramla Adnan & Ms. Tehreem Tallat

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Our Best Psychiatrist & Best Psychologist in Lahore provide integrated quality care to people having psychiatric illness and psychological issues.
Outdoor Clinic

Outdoor Clinic

We have a team of psychiatrists and psychologists who are known for collaborative guidance base practice. We maintain patient records in an ethical and professional manner. The outdoor clinic facility is provided six days a week.

Liaison Psychiatry

Liaison Psychiatry

We are in collaboration with medical indoor facilities like Doctors Hospital and Medical Center where we provide liaison psychiatric consultation. In certain cases one of our team members may visit home, e.g if patient is bedridden or is unwilling to visit the clinic.

Awareness Blog

Awareness Blog

We are working to provide awareness regarding positive mental health and psychiatric illness. One can view our awareness blog to understand the psychiatric illness and common social problems related to them.

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Common psychiatric conditions

In this blog, we have tried to explain psychiatric disorders in a manner that a common man of our culture can understand.
Psychiatric Conditions


Generally it is considered that bipolar affective disorder is a condition in which there is ongoing mood swings. On the contrary, bipolar affective disorder, has an episodic course of illness

Depressive Disorder

Depression can be a feeling which we all experience in our day to day life but if depression persist with or without any reason for more than specific period of

Schizophrenia symptoms and treatment

Schizophrenia is one of the major psychiatric illness in which patient experience perceptual and thought disturbances which is reflected others in the form of change in behaviour. (more…)

Women Mental Health and Some Facts

Women mental health is one of the The prevalence of psychiatric disorders that is increasing at an alarming rate. Despite being very common the mental illnesses are being under diagnosed

Best Psychologist in Lahore | Psychconsultants

Therapists are clinical experts who are contained and related to sociologists and research. People with mental issues go to these experts for treatment. That's why Psychologists and Therapists at psychconsultants

Protect Yourself from the Covid 19 | Psych Consultants

As we all are well aware of present crisis named, Covid 19. I am sure none of us have experienced this kind of complex global trauma before in our lives.

Sexual dysfunction & Treatment

Any difficulty in the sexual experience, arousal, pain, satisfaction that are not managed by different medical treatments can be due to psychological reasons and can be treated by mental health

Substance abuse or Drug Addiction Treatment

Make Appointment for Drug Addiction Treatment Visit: Psychconsultants Drug addiction is an illness and Drug Addiction treatment is a solution of this illness. People can become addicted to the use

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

It’s a condition in which a person can have, Repetitive thoughts, Images, or impulses. The repetitive thoughts can be about cleanliness, religion, or sexual content.  The person tries to resist

Anxiety Disorders

For Anxiety Disorder Treatment Visit Psychconsultants Click Here For appointment and further information   Anxiety Disorders is a condition in which people feel, restlessness, Fearful, generalized pain in body, tremors, increased