Indoor Clinic


At Psych Consultants, our team of well-trained Psychologists and Psychiatrists are here to deal with all sorts of mental disorders and treatment that is required by the patients. Our approach is simple: we offer our services according to the condition of our patients; providing tailored treatment and therapy plans according to the needs of our patients and their mental health. In addition to that, we have Neurologists, Physicians, Dermatologists and Dieticians on-board to help us fully identify the issues faced by our patients. We provide an extensive and all-in-one treatment that is needed by individuals so that nothing is missed.

Our indoor psychiatric clinic includes

Facilities and Treatment

We provide proper, clean bedding and other basic facilities for our long-term patients. We ensure a safe and reliable environment for everyone, abiding by all ethics and confidentiality.

Regular Checkups and Examinations

Our team is available at all times and ensure timely and comprehensive check-ups and cross examination of all patients.

Special Care Units

We know every patient requires different help. Which is why our skilled staff is here to provide special care and top quality facilities to the patients in need, for cases that require extra attention.

fairway clinic


We offer Psychiatric Assistance 24/7. Our team is here to help you at any time of the day.

In case of further queries or to book an appointment, get in touch with us.