Bipolar Affective Disorder

BIPOLAR AFFECTIVE DISORDER Generally it is considered that bipolar affective disorder is a condition in which there is ongoing mood swings. On the contrary, bipolar affective disorder, has an episodic course of illness in which there may be an episodes of mania/hypomania and/ or episodes of depression. Patient with bipolar affective disorder generally experience one […]

Women Mental Health

Mental illness is associated with a significant burden of morbidity and disability. The prevalence of psychiatric disorders is increasing at an alarming rate. Despite being very common the mental illnesses are being under diagnosed and under reported. Less than half of those who meet the diagnostic criteria are diagnosed by doctors. The general population is […]


SCHIZOPHRENIA It is one of the major psychiatric illness in which patient experience perceptual and thought disturbances which is reflected to others in form of change in behaviour. Generally patient start experiencing certain changes in his surroundings which he consider as 100 % real, e.g. hearing voices just like other voice which normally people around […]

Depressive Disorder

Depressive Disorder Depression can be a feeling which we all experience in our day to day life but if depression persist with or without any reason for more than specific period of time then it is called as depressive disorder. Generally it is considered that depressive disorder is due to weakness of an individual or […]