Combining General Physical Care with Mental Well-Being

What is General Physical Care and how does it work?

The mind and the body work separately and account for different roles. The physical health of an individual refers to how the body functions—with all the organs and their activities. If one part of the body is affected, it is highly likely that you will feel physically unwell overall. Hence, it is absolutely essential to take care of your physical health since it is important for longevity and staying healthy. Physical well-being also affects mental health. Find below how these two are interlinked.

While the body and the mind have different functions etc., they are closely linked in many ways. According to the Mental Health Foundation, it is found that a number of people who are suffering from a long-term physical health problem also go through mental health problem such as depression or anxiety.

Similarly, people with poor mental health may go through different physical problems such as lack of sleep, poor appetite, binge eating or low energy to carry out even daily tasks. Taking a look at the positive and negative aspects of the physical health – if you are physically fit, chances are that your mood is elevated and you feel positive. While if you are suffering for physical injury or an illness, then you might feel low and experience negative emotions.

You may run for 10–20 minutes or do a proper body workout, but as long as you are moving or stretching your body, you will feel better and more energetic throughout the day.

This is a significant step that one should follow. Watching what you eat is necessary to stay fit. Having a balanced diet is important for your physical health as well mental well-being.

If you are feeling physically unwell or have a physical injury or chronic illness, you can seek the help of a general physician. You can visit primary care doctors for a general checkup of the body too.

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