Psychologist vs. Neuropsychologist: What's the Difference

Psychology is regarded as one of the vast fields out there. There are a lot of sub-branches and career roles to opt for in this field. For example, neuropsychology is related to psychology but you may wonder how is a neuropsychologist different from a psychologist. We will dive into that but first, let’s briefly discuss what psychology and neurology include and some common grounds between them.

Psychology is the study of the mind and all that it relates to. It involves the diagnosing and treatment of mental health disorders through therapies, counseling sessions, etc.  It also involves how we think, behave, and feel. Whereas, a neuropsychologist is a specific psychologist who focuses on the cognitive functions of a human being. They mainly concentrate on the impact of a mental condition, illness, or injury on the cognitive functions and the brain. Additionally, a neuropsychologist also studies the link between the brain and behavior.

A key difference between a neuropsychologist and a psychologist is in the kind of methods that they implement to assess or treat certain psychological conditions. For example, a psychologist may emphasize more on emotions, while a neuropsychologist concentrates on cognitive processes and neurobehavioral disorders.

While a psychologist can offer therapy or other services to almost anyone, a neuropsychologist is a more specialized doctor who treats patients who may have a brain condition. In other words, a psychologist helps an individual to improve their mental well-being and may treat a certain mental health condition while a neuropsychologist identifies and treats brain-altering illnesses.

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