Private Room vs General Ward: Choose Which One is Best For You

Drug abuse is becoming a common issue in today’s society. This type of addiction requires professional help to completely get rid of it and to function normally as an active member of their family and society.  

Keeping this is mind, at Psych Consultants we have a dedicated space for such cases. Our Psychiatry indoor and best rehabilitation center in Lahore offers a wide range of rehab services that are aimed at helping every patient of ours get better. recreational indoor activities model drug rehabilitation centers where addicts may be provided with medical treatment along with a range of addiction treatment programs, including drug rehabilitation, alcohol rehabilitation, dual diagnosis treatment, and mental health treatment. We offer general ward and private rooms for our patients – whichever is more suitable for them – in terms of budget and their condition. Read more below in detail about it.


There are several single beds in the general ward with shared closet space, a bathroom and chairs for sitting.

Why Should You Choose the General Ward?

  • A more affordable option as it is a shared space
  • You can get the support from others
  • Feel at ease knowing that others in that space are also going through the same thing
  • You can ask for help or talk to other people there
  • 24/7 assistance and staff available


A private room in our rehabilitation space offers a single bed with a desk, sofa, personal bathroom and amenities that include a closet, TV and a medium-sized refrigerator.

Why Should You Choose a Private Room?

  • You get complete privacy
  • You can feel at ease and comfort
  • You have all the necessities and facilities needed
  • You can watch TV
  • Individualized care and support to each patient

If you have the means to afford a private room then we have state-of-the-art private rooms available at Psych Consultants. However, we provide full support and top-quality rehab services for our general ward patients, with a common leisure area where patients can take part in recreational activities and interact with others who are on the same path of recovery as them.  We offer comprehensive addiction treatment programs conducted in a safe and supportive environment. Contact us today for the best rehab services in town.