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Expert Liaison Psychiatry

Liaison Psychiatry is a subspeciality of psychiatry which involves looking after patients with general health conditions as well a range of mental health problems. It is often known as Consultative-Liaison Psychiatry. Liaison psychiatrists work at the intersection between the psychological and physiological health of their patients, supporting them with the psychiatric care that they need.

Best Liaison Psychiatrists in Lahore

At Psych Consultants, we work with some of the best liaison psychiatrists in Lahore. In addition to that, we provide indoor facilities in Doctor Hospital and Medical Hospital. Our team of specialists asses the physical as well as psychological health of the patients, checking for any underlying health or mental conditions that are present and then dealing with it accordingly. This type of psychiatry involves consultations with other doctors who specialize and treat the patients for any health conditions.

Understanding the Role of Psychiatrists
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Our aim is to provide a comprehensive checkup and a proper treatment plan for patients as we believe there is a strong connection between the mind and the body which cause an effect to the overall health of a person.

For a booking with our Liaison Psychiatrists, please get in touch with us.We provide 24/7 psychiatric assistance to all our patients.


Liaison Psychiatrists often have to deal with emergency patients and outpatients. Psych Consultants is in collaboration with some renowned hospitals in Lahore where we provide top-quality liaison consultation.

In emergency departments, our team works closely with the emergency medical staff to understand and help the patients get the treatment that is needed. Cases of drug abuse, alcohol addiction, acute psychosis or even suicidal cases may be present which is why we have our experienced to help with carefully defusing any harmful situation or conduct a quick assessment to understand and provide the right short-term treatment to the patients, while collaborating with the other doctors.

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We are aware that some cases require special attention and for a number of reasons cannot visit a hospital or clinic. Which is why we send some of our best liaison psychiatrists to visit the patients their homes. These services are for patients who have serious health conditions or may be bedridden.