Drug and Rehabilitation


Drug abuse is becoming a common problem in today’s society. Addiction to substances is caused by different reasons such as:


A person is more at risk of addiction if there is a history of drug abuse or mental disorders in his/her family.


The environment of a person, their social and economic status and the overall quality of life can account to the use of substance.

Development Cycle

If a person comes from a family of addicts or has poor environmental factors, this may lead to an early chance of addiction and drug abuse.

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We at Psych Consultants specialize in treating various cases of drug use and aim to provide the right counseling and treatments through our rehab facilities. We understand how addiction works—how it not only deteriorates an addict’s physical and mental well-being but also that of those who are close to them

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Cause of Addiction

Finding the main cause behind drug abuse helps us understand our patients. This may be one or a combination of reasons as mentioned above.

Treatment and Counseling Plan

Once the root cause is identified, we take the next step by providing the right medication and treatment that is needed to help the patient get rid of the addiction.

Rehabilitation Techniques

Our rehab center is secure and designed to offer a safe place for our patients. Our trained staff members regularly monitor the patient’s condition and come up with a set of rehab techniques.


We provide specialized psychotherapy sessions that are tailored to the patient’s condition and behavior. This helps in improving the negative emotions and breaking the drug abuse patterns of the patients.


Our team of specialists and state of the art rehab centers are equipped with all the essentials that are needed to cure our patients. We understand that every individual is fighting a battle of their own which is why we take time and pay the utmost attention to their problems and needs. With us you can trust your loved ones in becoming clean.

Drug users and addicts often experience relapse. While we strive to provide the best treatment, it can still happen. Which is why we offer individual and family therapy sessions so that it lowers the chances of a relapse and improves the patient’s quality of life

We provide 24/7 Psychiatric Assistance to our patients. Our team is here to help you at any time of the day.
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