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Dr. Aqsa Zubair Awan

- Dermatologist

Medical Education / Degree: Certified Dermatologist and Cosmetologist from Nishtar Medical university
Experience: 09+ Years

Dr Aqsa Zubair Awan | best dermatologist in lahore
Dr. Aqsa Zubair Awan

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Qualifications and Experience

Dr Aqsa Zubair Awan is a board-certified dermatologist and cosmetologist. She obtained her medical degree from Nishtar Medical University and pursued her medical residency training at Jinnah Hospital Lahore in the field of medicine. Later she joined the dermatology department at the same hospital for advanced dermatology training with a special emphasis on dermatopathology, cutaneous oncology, bullous diseases, connective tissue disorders, female genital mucosal membrane diseases, skin ulcers and other skin, nail and hair disorders like hair fall, acne, fungal bacterial, infections etc. She is a registered fellow of the College of Physicians and Surgeons.
Currently, she is working as Head of Dermatology Department at Social Security Hospital Multan Road Lahore and Senior Registrar at the University of Lahore.
She is interested in all aspects of dermatology, such as lesion analysis, skin surgery, adult and paediatric dermatology along with aesthetic procedures.

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