10 Signs That Your Loved One Needs Psychiatric Help

  1. Use of substances to cope with daily problems
  2. Self-isolation or withdrawal from reality
  3. Loss of appetite or having little appetite
  4. Extreme mood swings
  5. Difficulty in performing daily tasks and chores
  6. Changes in sleep patterns or having difficulty sleeping
  7. Suicidal thoughts or actions
  8. Experiencing any life-altering accident or traumatic event
  9. Irritability or unable to control emotions
  10. Feeling overwhelmed for no reason
  1. Abusive or stressful environment
  2. Use of alcohol or drugs
  3. Genetics
  4. History of mental disorders in the family
  5. Childhood trauma or experiencing a traumatic accident
  6. Unhealthy eating habits.

If your loved one is struggling with the symptoms mentioned above, you should assist them in seeking psychiatric help. At Psych Consultants, our staff members are fully equipped to handle all sorts of issues and emergencies that may take place when dealing with new or existing patients.

We provide 24/7 Psychiatric Assistance. Our team of consultant psychiatrists is available to help you out at any time of the day, both on-site and on-call. We know emergencies and accidents can occur at any time of the day so we are always prepared for it!