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Sexual dysfunction & Treatment

Any difficulty in the sexual experience, arousal, pain, satisfaction that are not managed by different medical treatments can be due to psychological reasons and can be treated by mental health professionals.

Major Causes of Sexual Dysfunction

The causes of sexual dysfunctions in men can be categorized into two parts (1) Physical and (2) Psychological.

Physical causes: Mostly peoples are not aware about the actual facts that can lead to sexual dysfunctions and they don’t know why they are having problems with sexual functions. After reading this research you will surprised to learn that a number of medical conditions like neurological disorders, diabetes, heart and vascular disease, mentally stress, and most importantly hormonal imbalances can be cause to sexual problems in men.

Psychological causes: Nowadays psychological causes is quite common, since most men suffer from work-related anxiety and stress this affect their sexual performance greatly. Moreover, after analysis and research we our professionals have concluded the result that marital issues, depression, or relationship problems or past sexual trauma can also adversely affect the sexual desire in men.


The primary symptom of premature ejaculation occurs just before the beginning of the intercourse. Shortly, Sexual Dysfunction may take place in all sexual situations, even while masturbating.

Psychological causes:

Some major psychological factors are:

Stress: Any mental trauma or emotional strain often leads to stress. Stress affects human health adversely and it has been found that men suffering from stress often develop sexual problems like premature ejaculation.

Anxiety: Many men during the sexual intercourse are highly concerned in obtaining and maintaining their erection for longer period of time and they concentrate a lot on their sexual performance. This often leads to anxiety and the person rushes to ejaculate before time.


Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction and erectile dysfunction is essential and important for long lasting relationship with companion. Proper treatment from best and professional doctors is first.

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