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Elderly Mental Health | Psychconsultants

Mental health is as important as our physical health. Regardless of age, we need to look after our elderly mental health. Older people are more prone to mental illness these days. The fast pace and advancement of time create disturbance for the elderly minds and their thoughts, which result in depression. 

Depression is one of the most common mental illness. This psychological issue can be fatal and lead a person to suicide; older adults may feel disconnected from the external world. This loneliness can trigger a lot of subconscious thoughts, delusions, and even hallucinations. 

Other than this, anxiety, dementia, eating disorders are among the elderly psychological issues. Loss of memory and being forgetful of things is quite common. According to the studies, nearly 20% of adults suffer from psychological problems. 

Apart from physical health factors, emotional bondings, relations, and behaviors are also responsible for a healthy mind. The lack of love, affection, and respect can cause psychological issues among older people. 

Often people do not care about the elderly mental health treatment. They take it as a form of behavior with growing age. Instead, this issue has to be in the light. These people are more demanding in case of love, affection, care, and respect. They demand nothing much, just a bit of your time. 

Symptoms of elderly mental illness

Minor health issues are common with growing age, but some consistent illnesses like memory loss, anxiety, and aggression point towards something serious. Following are some prominent symptoms in older adults for psychological issues. 

Eating disorder or disturbed eating spells and routine is one of the main symptoms. Loss of appetite or excessive eating can also indicate this issue. Other than this, the sleep cycle can also show a lot about older adults’ mental health. They may find it difficult to fall asleep or may sleep for significantly less time. 

Excessive stress and aggression can be alarming of some triggering issues. Other than this, mismanagement of the tasks, financial matters, home chores, etc., can be a cause and symptom for older adults’ psychological problems.  One needs to look upon these symptoms carefully to detect the psychological issues timely. Time detection can be beneficial in treating mental illnesses, either in teenagers or older.

Treatment of elderly psychological issues

In our society, people hesitate to accept their mental illness. This reluctance act as a hurdle in timely treatment. For this purpose, foremost, we need to spread awareness about mental health in all age groups. There must be campaigns for students, office workers, and older adults at homes as well. This awareness can help a lot in spreading the importance of mental health in all age groups. 

Secondly, health professionals and non-profit volunteers can add up in this treatment of illness. For instance, they can provide one to one consultation to the older people in the form of counseling. 

Besides this, free helplines should be there for older people to talk about their issues. On the other end, psychological professionals can diagnose and cure the problem in a better way. 

From a broader perspective, the family of the older adults should also have counseling sessions. They must know in what way they are lacking in helping their elders. For instance, they need to provide additional care, affection, and respect to treat older adults’ fussiness. 

The last and most crucial step for the treatment is seeking clinical help. The psychologist and the psychiatrist can be of great help in this regard. For this purpose, the psychiatrist can prescribe some essential medicines. These soothing medicines can help in reducing stress and anxious thoughts, giving relief to the patient. 

Psychological doctors in Lahore 

Worldwide around the globe, there are many famous and capable doctors for mental health issues. Mainly talking about Pakistan, in Lahore, we have a hub of best psychologist in Lahore. You have different options for the treatment as well. You can go for psychologists if you need only counseling. Other than this, if the disorders are severe, then you can go for psychiatrists as they can prescribe you the medicine. 

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