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Clinical psychology is a field of assessment and treatment that Solves Complex Human Problems like behavioral disorders issues, mental issues, emotional or behavioral issues. That is why Psychconsultants provides the Best Clinical Psychologists in Lahore.

So, our professionals are experts in the process of understanding these types of diseases. Our clinical psychologists broadly refer to identify problems, emotions, mental and behavioral in the life of patients. Some of the other common disorders treatments are offers include learning depression, disabilities, anxiety, substance abuse, and eating disorders.

What does our Clinical Psychologists do?

Firstly our clinical psychologists meet with patients and identify the main problem through interviews, observation, and tests. Then, according to the patient problem, our experts formulate a program of treatment.

Responsibilities of our Clinical Psychologist:

  1. Diagnose behavioral, psychological, and emotional disorders.
  2. Formulate a program of treatment.
  3. Monitor patient progress through checkups and meetings.

Skills & Competencies of Our Clinical Psychologists:

Firstly our experts Diagnose behavioral, psychological, and emotional disorders :
Effective Communication & Observation

Our professional have Strong Communication and Observation and can easily understand what patient think or feel.

Strong Analytical Skills
Monitor patient progress
Ethics and Standards

Dr Fatima Bukharie

Board Certified, Consultant psychiatrist in Shaikh Zayed Hospital, Lahore. Deal with adolescent and adult age group mental health-related issues.

Ms Amama Faiz

Ms Amama Faiz working with Psychological disorders in adults and adolescent clients. Worked as a Clinical Psychologist in Fountain House.…

Ms Ramla Adnan

Ms Ramla Adnan working with Psychological disorders in adults, child and adolescent clients. She is working as a Clinical Psychologist…