Brain Health Breakdown: Best Neurologists in Lahore


Neurology pertains to the study, diagnosis and treatment of certain disorders of the brain, nerves and spinal cord which make up the nervous system of the body. These illnesses can happen at any point in life both to kids and adults which can greatly impact the whole body and day-to-day living.

We have on board with us the best neurologist in Lahore. If you are looking for a top neurologist to treat your or your loved one’s condition, then read more below:

Dr. Ayesha Ashfaq is a consultant neurologist at Psych Consultants. With her board certification in European neurology, she also completed her training at Sheikh Zayed hospital in Lahore.

As she is perusing the vascular neurology fellowship, along with that she has been actively managing the indoor, outdoor, and emergency and ICU services for all aspects in the Neurology department in Fairway Clinic. Her experience in treating neurological disorders goes up to over 9 years.

Dr. Ayesha is running the prestigious “Multiple Sclerosis Registry” – which is the first registry of the government organization in Punjab, under the honorable mentorship of Dr Athar Iqbal.
Moreover, she has been enrolled in researches on studying the clinical spectrum of Multiple Sclerosis in Punjab, the first of its kind in Pakistan.

She is determined in revolutionizing the concept of neurofilament light chains as reliable biomarker of disease activity in Multiple Sclerosis in Pakistan. A remarkable milestone as it would be the first ever in Asia after Europe and America.

At Psych Consultants, we specialize in different cases of neurological disorders and conditions. Here are some common diseases that our doctors have experience with:

We offer a comprehensive range of neurological services to cater all types of patients including diagnostic services, medical management of neurological conditions, interventional therapies, rehabilitation services, counselling and support services.

Our team of neurology experts are here to treat all sorts of neurological disorders after taking complete assessments and diagnosis of the patients. With the help of top quality and advanced equipment, we ensure that everything is done in a professional and timely manner and that nothing is missed.

Our treatment plans and medications are personalized to each and every patient; also providing the care and support that is needed. We also keep the family members/close ones of our patients up to date with the treatment and condition of the patient. This is because a neurological disease may lead to difficulty in completing daily tasks by an individual hence, we provide specialized instructions and support that may be needed by the patient and also brain health tips for a healthy mind!

If you have are looking for a neurologist in Lahore, then trust Psych Consultants to provide the best services and care. We offer assistance 24/7 – contact us today or book an appointment now.