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Anxiety disorders

The condition in which people feel, restlessness, Fearful, generalized pain in body, tremors, increased heart beat sweating, stomach issues, shoulder pains, unexplained headaches, increased heartbeat, This can be of few minutes episode or can be a continues symptoms all day .

This can be anxiety disorder, panic disorder (severe symptoms of anxiety for few minute to hours with subsequent fear of the next episode) generalized anxiety disorder (continues symptom of anxiety throughout the day and for months) phobias, (over whelming fear of different objects or situations which leads to UN necessary avoidance of the things which induce fear)  examples are social phobia ( fear of social situations and social interactions)Agoraphobia ( fear of not going away from home or place of safety leading to confinement sometimes ) claustrophobia  ( fear and avoidance of closed spaces like elevators , airplanes , buses) fear of heights fear of different animals , darkness, public speaking anxiety disorders can be managed with medication and psychotherapy.




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